One of the primary services 3Win offers is our 53ft Air-Ride Dry Van full and dedicated truckload service.  First and foremost we care about the safe arrival of the products you manufacture, sell to your customers and buy from your vendors.  Using Air-Ride trailers helps ensure the most vibration free, gentle ride possible.  We also understand your freight must arrive on time.  This is why every shipment we coordinate with you is done with the delivery date and time in mind.


 Often, there are shipments that do not require a full or dedicated truck, yet may not be a good fit for a large national LTL carrier due to size, time sensitivity or you just don't want your freight damaged.  We offer the follow services which focus on 3 key elements: your freight arriving in mint condition, arriving on time, and providing you the best rate possible.

 When available, we can combine your orders with other freight along the same route to help reduce your freight costs.  Best of all, our team has the capability of working with you to ensure that your freight is not moved or stacked once loaded to help ensure the freight is not damaged during transport.

There are times when your freight needs to arrive as quickly as possible. Our team has the ability to work with you to get the best possible option secured so everything arrives by the desired date.

For smaller, well packaged freight, our team works with national LTL carriers to work with you to move the freight at a competitive price. Please remember that all of their rules and procedures will apply when freight is moved.